Sumner’s Tram Track Archaeological Discovery

Sumner’s tram track

In the early 1900’s , the first of several important city tram services were inaugurated. Sumner’s tram track was one of the first to be completed.

Recently, as work progressed on the upgrade of Sumner’s roading and infrastructure, archaeologists working with the contractors uncovered historical evidence of Sumner’s old tram track.

Some of the original wooden sleepers used to support the tramway which originally linked the suburb to Christchurch Central, were exposed during the road excavations.

The extremely popular city to seaside tramway initially used horse drawn carriages in the late 1800’s , with the service being upgraded to electric trams in the 1900’s.

Uncovered during road reconstruction, wooden sleepers, that originally supported Sumner's tram track
Well preserved late 1800’s wooden tram line sleepers .
The old railway sleepers were discovered  close to the corner of Marriner Street and Burgess Street.
On the north western corner of this intersection, one of Sumner’s early Hotels, The Sumner Hotel , still stands, but it is rather derelict. 
Sumner's tram track ran past Geo Vincent's hotel establishment in its prime.
A well dressed gathering outside the old Sumner Hotel. Photo attributed to Steffano Webb, circa 1909.


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