Terms and Conditions

Le Petit Hotel Sumner


Terms and Conditions:

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all guests and visitors to the property of Le Petit Hotel.

  1. Seasonal rates may apply. Discounts may apply to extended stay guests, or corporate bookings. A Credit Card Charge of 2.5% is applicable to payments made with off-shore bank cards.
  2. Block bookings are permitted under the Terms and Conditions, to a maximum number of 13 persons. A reasonable additional (service) charge may apply for such a booking. For advance bulk bookings during peak accommodation periods, made outside of the normal 5 day reservation cancellation period, a non refundable deposit of $500 + GST will be required and forfeited if the booking is cancelled.
  3. Confirmation codes. The Le Petit Hotel booking system allows bookers to see their individual confirmed reservations.
  4. Payment for accommodation. The full accommodation period tariff, less any prior deposit, is due for payment on arrival unless other prior arrangements have been made with the hotel management.
  5. Check-in time is 2pm or later on arrival day. Earlier times: by arrangement. Late arrivals( post 2000hrs) must be prior advised to the hotel either by text, phone or email.
  6. Departure time: 10am with later times only by prior arrangement.
  7. Cancellation Period. A reservation/booking cancellation must take place not less than 120 hours or 5 full days before the scheduled arrival (or reservation start date). A cancellation code will be issued. Le Petit Hotel provides affordable high standard seaside French style Bed & Breakfast accommodation and cancellations affect the business greatly. Reservations cancelled less than 120 hours i.e 5 full days of the intended arrival (reservation start date) will attract a charge of 1 night’s lodging full rate(not discounted) tariff, per consecutive day(s), per (booked) room(s).
  8. Management will endeavour to refill cancelled bookings and if successful, the normal cancellation charge will not be made.
  9. Unclaimed Accommodations. If a reservation for a room( or a multiple day booking) has not been claimed, or cancelled within 5 days of the intended arrival time, the room or rooms will each be held available until checkout time the following day, and then a No Show Fee penalty equivalent to 1 night’s lodging (full rate – not discounted) tariff per room, per consecutive booked days will apply.
  10. Security. Under these Terms & Conditions, the security of guests’ property on the hotel property is a very high priority for management, and digital key card access applies throughout the hotel.  However all valuables such as travel documents, credit cards and personal property are the full responsibility of the individual lodgers. Guests must also ensure that their hotel bedroom terrace or balcony French doors are locked internally, and that the bedroom entrance door has fully latched closed, before leaving the room at any time.
  11. Smoking is NOT permitted within the hotel complex, in the bedrooms, bathrooms, nor on the balconies. All rooms are fitted with monitored smoke detectors, which will sound an alarm if any smoke is present. Where smoking has been detected within any bedroom, an additional charge of $200 + gst will be made to cover the additional cleaning of furnishings, carpets, bedcovers, cushions etc.
  12. Physical damage and or interference to hotel property. Under the Terms & Conditions as laid out herein, management reserves the right to recover actual and reasonable costs from any guest in the event of damage, accidental or otherwise, to hotel property, bedding, carpets, towels, furnishings, electronic equipment, locks etc. Furthermore, in the instance where substantive damage has occurred to such hotel property, and in circumstances where the management believe there has been a lack of reasonable & responsible care on the part of the guest or guests, management reserves the right to  recover costs for those damages to an amount not exceeding $500 + gst per instance.
  13. Parking of vehicles on hotel property. While management will take all reasonable care and attention in respect of guests vehicles,  such vehicles are parked on hotel property at their owners/drivers risk. Guests are also reminded not to leave any valuable items or important documents( eg. Passports) in any parked vehicles. If you have any security concerns, please discuss these on arrival with the duty manager who will advise.
  14. Health and Safety. All guests are asked to advise the on-duty hotel manager of any apparent issues within the hotel premises that they become aware of , which could potentially impact on the health and safety of any guests. Le Petit Hotel will record the issue(s), and effect remedial action as required.
  15. Family Pets.  Le Petit Hotel is a dog-friendly establishment, with the assumption that any dog that accompanies a guest will be well managed, clean, and will not interfere with the normal enjoyment of other hotel guests. The staff at Le Petit Hotel, carry out a double clean of the facilities involved, following the visit of a guest’s dog, and as such a small charge of $23.00 is imposed to cover this service.
  16. All of these Terms and Conditions are published in the general interest and safety of all guests and any visitors to Le Petit Hotel.
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