Sumner Hotel News Blog

Le Petit Hotel, Sumner, Christchurch, NZ  opened,  and the Sumner Hotel News Blog, went live,  on the 18th December 2005.

Writing on behalf of my partner – Martine,  in The French Company NZ Ltd., we both have enjoyed the journey, especially meeting and making friends with people from all corners of the world.

Christchurch City post the 2011 earthquakes, now has new beginnings with a unique mixture of old and new culture. Sumner also shares some of those.

While the original web site that we started all those years ago served us well, Google now prefers a mobile-smart presentation and our newly refurbished site reflects that shift especially with the introduction of direct on-line bookings.

We wish all travellers who cross the threshold of Le Petit Hotel, a very pleasant stay with us, and safe happy travelling.

Bruce Whitfield

Managing Director

Le Petit Hotel Accommodation, Boutique French Style

Le Petit Hotel, 16 Marriner Street, Sumner, Christchurch
Le Petit Hotel open 24 hours

Le Petit Hotel accommodation provides boutique French B & B lodgings for all travellers, both domestic and international. The property  is located by the beach in Sumner; the premier seaside suburb of Christchurch.

Unlike most AirBnB properties, managers – Martine and Bruce are on-site 24/7 and are focused on providing genuine hospitality to all guests.  However the privacy of individuals is very much respected when required . Both short & long stay guests are most welcome  at Le Petit Hotel’s unique retreat from the city bustle.

The daily room rate includes a served French breakfast and the hotel has free high speed data/WiFi services throughout the complex. The en-suite accommodation rooms are most suitable for 2 adults.


Le Petit Hotel management & Chinese Connections

Campanile Hotel Petit Déjeuner
Delicious Shanghai Croissants

Le Petit Hotel management are regular visitors to China.

China and France are connected by substantial trade ties. The effects of the historical political concession that resulted in an area of Shanghai being administered by France are still apparent. It is well worth the time doing the research to discover how this concession and others in Shanghai came about. While the French have long departed from the concession, with very little effort , any visitor can quickly recognise the influence they left behind .

Croissants, fresh breads, brioche and small delicate cakes are evidenced in hotel breakfasts, especially those that share a European breakfast menu with standard Chinese fare.


Look at me now : The continuing story of Kara the Scottie

Hi there all Scottie lovers…It’s almost 15 months since I left behind my friends at Juscot Kennels in Hamilton, and I’ve had my 1st birthday at Le Petit Hotel. Despite having inherited a twisted right hind leg, I’m doing my utmost to be part of the hotel day to day operations…answering the door, checking the guests in, plus security duties, so much so that several of Bruce & Martine’s guests have suggested that I climb into one of their suitcases & go home with them… Unlike many of my 4 legged relatives, I have developed my own vocabulary for use in the when I want to go outside, I don’t bark, but I do a bit of a quiet sing song. I’m also quite good at singing along with the piano!
Sometime in the next few months, I’m going into hospital to get a CT scan done on my crooked leg, to see what can possibly be done to help me…but I’m a good patient, so it won’t be a problem.
My shiny black coat at the moment makes me a difficult camera subject, but attached here is a recent photo taken on Christmas day with one of my presents.
Until my next post…yours truly

Kara, Christmas morning 2010

Friends of Le Petit Hotel

At the Marriner street frontage of Le Petit Hotel, Martine has some Lavender of the ‘Grosso’ variety growing. This particular lavender is a (heavy oil bearing) hybrid between Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula latifolia.
At this time of the year, the brilliant purple/blue flowers of the lavender draw hundreds of friendly bumble bees, small youngsters and large adults, who climb up & down each flower head, while probing into each tiny separate flower. Unlike honey bees…bumble bees eg. Bombus Terrestris are not normally aggressive & can be easily watched closeup, especially if they have become intoxicated with flower fragrance or just tired with hard work. The larger queens often find their way indoors accidentally as they seek a place to make a home.

Le Petit Hotel friends

Le Petit Hotel, St Martin

Le Petit Hotel, St Martin, is a superb – on the beach, Caribbean Hotel, on the shore of Grand Case Bay.
Le Petit Hotel-St Martin offers unique world class resort accommodation and guests enjoy easy access to the Island’s nearby renown French restaurants.
Owners, Kristin & Marc operate Le Petit Hotel together with L’Esplanade Hotel and both St Martin/ St Maarten hotels provide exceptional Trip Advisor Winning comfort & service.

French Consular Agency, Sumner, Christchurch, 8081

French Consular Agency

The Christchurch French Consular Agency is located in the premises of Le Petit Hotel, 16 Marriner Street, Sumner.

For all communications with the Hon. Consul, it is necessary to initially telephone Martine Marshall-Durieux  –  03 326 66 76, to make a suitable appointment.

The Consular Agency Office is closed during weekends and public holidays, except for emergencies.

The office can easily be reached via the Metro Bus service, from the Central City bus exchange. The “purple” bus route begins at the airport, travels through the city-centre via the bus exchange, and then continues on to Sumner.  The bus timetable is both frequent and regular, and is available on-line.

Anatole France Quotation; Le Petit Hotel; & Bobby calves ill treatment

In a previous blog post I made mention of a French writer’s quote regarding dogs and humans. That writer was none other than Anatole France  ( 1844-1924). Anatole received the Nobel prize for literature back in 1921 and the true quote was: “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened” And so it is we read now about the ill treatment of bobby calves on our NZ dairy farms, as their owner operators strive to produce higher and higher profits from ever increasing dairy herds. It was Mahatma Gandhi who wrote: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” Without being too simplistic, isn’t it greed for money that has become more of the main driver in terms of how we farm our animals such as sheep, pigs, hens & now cows and their calves?