French Consular Agency

French Consular Agency Christchurch

Monsieur Olivier Lacoua

Monsieur Olivier Lacoua has been appointed to the role of Honorary French Consul in Christchurch, following the recent retirement of Madame Marshall-Durieux.

The Consular Office is  no longer located within the premises of Le Petit Hotel, 16 Marriner Street, Sumner, Christchurch.

The new French Consular Agency Office is located within the Novotel Hotel at the Christchurch International Airport . The office open hours are between 10am and 12 noon on Friday’s only.  For transport to the Novotel Hotel from the city, the Metro Purple Line bus service is recommended.

For all communications with the new Hon. French Consul, contact is now by way of email : [email protected].

Monsieur Olivier Lacoua and Madame Martine Marshall-Durieux
New Honorary French Consul , Christchurch.
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Conversational French tuition: Le Petit Hotel

 Conversational French

A stay in Le Petit Hotel accommodation in Sumner is different to AirBnB or motel stays especially if you are proposing a future trip to France. Why not seize the chance to either gain some Conversational French skills or just practice what you already know.

When you stay at Le Petit Hotel, you have that opportunity especially during le petit déjeuner.

Le Petit Hotel, Sumner is managed by Martine & Bruce. France is Martine’s home country but is a resident here in New Zealand and has been a French language teacher for many years.  Along with her Consular work and translation services, Martine also provides casual tuition in French.


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