Seasons Greetings from Le Petit Hotel NZ

Dear Guests,

Whether you are intending or past, Martine and I, here at Le Petit Hotel, extend Seasons Greetings to one and all . We sincerely wish you a Happy Christmas. And as the Christmas cards of yesteryear put it, may the New Year, 2020, be a prosperous one for each and every one.

We all need to pause and remember that Seasons Greetings is the time honoured expression of goodwill to all.

There is nothing like operating a hotel, albeit a small one like Le Petit Hotel at Christmas time, to blur the days and weeks in December and January, but we see some of our nicest travellers at this time. Not that they are bearing gifts and riches like The Three Wise Men of Old, but rather they are generally simply carrying the Christmas spirit with them.

Our Christmas this year, for us personally, has been tinged with a little sadness as we continue to look after our hotel’s well known matriarch, Kara- our beloved Scottish Terrier who is currently completely blind from almost instant cataracts in both eyes. We are however carefully weighing up our options to help her, in the New Year. What has been quite emotional for both Martine & I , is the stoic manner in which she has begun to cope with this horrible medical condition. We can learn so much from looking at the loyalty, resilience, and love of a dog towards their owners. We can but just endeavour to return it .

On a business note, Martine  has now retired from the position of Honorary Consul France, as from on the 19th December, 2019, and her place has been taken by Monsieur Olivier Lacoua. The consular permanences of M. Lacoua  will usually take place at the Novotel hotel , Christchurch Airport.

We wish everyone, a safe and happy time.

Kindest regards to all.

Bruce & Martine


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